Our updater app got pulled from the Play Store by Google. We are trying to find a fix but if we manipulate the situation, we could be forced to pay back all revenues we’ve earned so we have to be careful. Thank you for all the support you’ve offered and sorry to those that think their $2 donations means they own us. The free version is available by clicking the TBO image below, though. It’s been activated to be just like the full version until we can provide the premium one on the playsotre again. Birdman from RootzWiki gets the credit for the creation of the new app and DJ will continue to try and improve it.




Direct Download for the TBO updater app.. click the Icon above or Here

Team Black Out is a team of both veteran app “Inverters” and new-comers that want to learn. With over A lot of popular Blacked Out and Transparent Android apps in our list, we are sure to not only amaze you but to guarantee once you use our Themed Apps you’ll Black Out for a while.. The Team isn’t doing ROMS though.  We are simply combining the great minds of some of the Best in the Business when it comes to making apps Blacked Out or Transparent. We have only a few team members now because some are planning on being lightly active,  so if you’re already into doing  Blacked Out apps,  hit us up if you wanna join. We don’t want to train people from the ground up but you don’t have to be the best either. We will are hosting guides on this site to help walk people through the process of Inverted Apps…

@djdarkknight96 “ADMIN”

@Train88 “ADMIN”





Strong supporters:

@JaeKar99 Team Logo Graphics





T-BOTs are a group of avid testers for the team.. Team Black Out Testers … We upload test apps to our folder and they begin hunting down any issues so we can fix them before we release.  So when you’re using one of our apps and you’re amazed at how complete they are, thank the T-BOTS also since they do find some issues…

There aren’t too many frequently asked questions regarding our apps but here are a few…


1. “Are there any zip files with all your work to make it easier for me?”

None that we support.. There are plenty of Aroma Style installers that use our apps and we might do something in the future..

2. “Do I have to be Rooted to use your apps?”

Not for all of them, no. We try to make “installable” apps as often as we can but some apps must be flashed through a custom recovery and some apps come stock on non rooted devices in the system partition so you can’t uninstall the stock version to install ours.

3. “Will Blacked out apps help my battery life?”

Eh… they definitely can but that’s not our selling point as to why you would want our versions of these apps. Plus the difference in running a white background app and a black background app might make a change in the battery except ours are so sexy that you will be on your phone 20x more so the battery life will more than likely be worse for you..

4. “Is it true that once you go Black you never go back?”

Hell yeah it is!!.. Our apps are solid, full, complete and look amazing compared to the stock versions. We don’t theme them out, we just make the UI look better so we’re very confident that if you haven’t used an Inverted app in the past and you try one of ours… you’ll be here forever. But we also have Clear Apps for those of you that enjoy seeing your Wallpaper as much as possible… So “Once you go Clear, you’ll always stay Here” applies also.. 😉

5. “Will you keep all the apps updated?”

As much as we can but we all still have families so if things get slow just be patient and we will return soon. Blackout will never die!!!

6. “Why aren’t you supporting more apps anymore. I have some favorites that don’t work and now I sad”

I hear ya and we wish we could have kept up with all those apps…but at least if someone wanted to update them they can still use the old ones and use the guide and update them. We will help answer any questions to anyone who is willing to try, but we will only give advice..not do the work. Also who knows, some of those apps might come back one day if things get slow.

ROM devs CAN!!!! use our apps in their roms but please give us credit and place the TBO updater in as well as link to the XDA page so users wont bug you for updates.


Do not post our work anywhere else without permission first. If you dev for an Aroma installer and have used a team members work in the past, or have included their work in your ROM, then continue but LINK BACK to our site. If you want to just post our work to “get the word out” you need to contact us via email and we’ll talk. DO NOT post something and then email or PM us saying what you did and tell us “Hope it’s cool” because it’s not. We want to track as much as we can and we’ll know where downloads are coming from so always ask first!

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